Submissions are currently closed. Please check back in to see when submissions re-open.

At that time, the following conditions will more than likely still apply.

The usual conditions:

Where: You can send your story to [email protected], preferably as a word attachment and a pdf attachment.

Please send a maximum of two stories and your email contact details and mobile number.

Preferably stories are to be between 1500 words and 7000 words, but if you have two great 1000 word stories, it is possible we would publish both together.

Rights: Upon publication in the Lizard Skin Press anthology, you (the author) maintains the right to republish your work elsewhere as you see fit.

Pay:  One free copy of the book plus -

         Payments to authors for multiple author anthologies have ranged between $50 and $90 per story, or an equivalent deal negotiated with the author. These payment amounts are likely to change in the future, but any payment details will be made known for each new anthology. Please notify us on your title page if the story has been previously published and, if so, where?

Turn Around time: please check the correspondence page to find out if we have registered your correspondence and if we have replied. We register correspondence within a week and we reply to it in the order that it is received, so you can tell by where you are on the list approximately how long it will be until we can get around to your work. In your correspondence registration, we will type your initials, the title of your work, the nature of the query, and if we have responded to you yet or not.

Bio: We encourage a bio to be included (between one and ten sentences) but it is not obligatory. Part of our agenda is to reach diverse sectors of the community as well as the mainstream, so bio information is a bonus that helps us gain some idea of who is using and being published by Lizard Skin Press and also if there are any sectors we are neglecting. No bio information will be used for any other purposes.