POSTED 21st May, 2015
Lizard Skin Press 3 and 4 have been launched.
(launches were held at The Tea Tree Gully Library, Strathalbyn - The Nuckin Funney, and also The Coffee Pot.)
A miraculous time was had by all apparently.
All authors have been sent cheques etc.
Most have cashed their cheques but a few still have not.
If you have not received your cheque, please contact us.
Please see anthology 3 and 4 details on the books for sale page.
All four anthologies are now available through Oz Music Books.
Anthology 2 is also available through The Book Depository
and at Imprints Book Shop Adeliade.
Anthology 1 is also available at Imprints Book Shop Adelaide.

POSTED 20th February, 2015
                                 LIZARD SKIN PRESS SHORT STORY ANTHOLOGY 3; and
                                 LIZARD SKIN PRESS SHORT STORY ANTHOLOGY 4 'STRANGE'.
The launch  will be on Wednesday 4th March at 6.30pm at The Tea Tree Gully Library, Modbury, South Australia.
This free event includes wine and cheese supper. If you want to come along, please book by contacting the library on 8397 7333, or check their website,
Once again, the anthologies have a good representation of South Australian writers, aswell as writers from interstate and a handful from overseas  too. LSP 3 maintains the tradition of presenting stories that are not afraid to explore the layers of human experience, its sadness, tensions and also its frivolous joys - often occurring side by side. LSP 4 branches into new territory, presenting stories that dabble in the genres of Horror, Science Fiction, Fantasy or Mind Bending Reality. But mostly they are 'Strange', not easily defined, carving a unique genre all their own.
LSP 3 authors are: Rosemary Canterbury, Sean Gislingham, Anne Chappel, Khail Jureidini, Edoardo Crismani, Robert Moore, Kathryn Yuen, Frank Ince, Christine Maguire, Gordon Stan, Farid Arab, Nick Carrol, Amra Pajalic, Heather Webster. Pictures by Margaret Storey.
LSP 4 'Strange' authors are: Boris Glikman, Tessa Chudy, Andrew G Bennett, Tanya Davies, Margo Poirier, Ed Tasca, Karen M Rider, Stirling Davenport, Moira McGee, Rory Frankson, Brenda Gardner, Ivan Rehorek, Gordon Stan, Khail Jureidini. Pictures by Margaret Storey.
Author payments will be available from the launch date.

POSTED 14th October, 2014.
Authors for Lizard Skin Press 2. Final cheques sent out a couple of weeks ago now. Please contact me if you haven't received your payment.

LSP 3 and 4 launch will be at The Tea Tree Gully Library, South Australia,  on March 4th, 2015.
Please contact me if you require further details.
Further launch may follow at The Coffee Pot.

POSTED 19th September, 2014
Thanks to Brian at The Coffee Pot, James Place, for providing our launch venue.
A good night seemed to be had by all.

Authors of Lizard Skin Press Anthology 2. Please contact me if you haven't yet received payment for your story or talked to me in the last week. I have had trouble contacting some of you and your payment is available: [email protected]  Author list for LSP 2 is on the books for sale page.

We have made a tentative booking for a double launch (LSP 3 and 4) at The Tea Tree Gully Library in March, 2015. Just waiting to hear back for the exact date.

POSTED 18th Aug 2014

Date. Sunday September 14th, 2014.
Launch Time: 4.30pm.
Venue: The Coffee Pot, James Place (Rundle Mall end) , Adelaide.
Nibbles provided. $5 Hollandia stubbies. Wines start at $6.
The launch will include various articulations, readings, presentations, all around literary fun and entertainment.

An open mic will also run from 3.20pm, before the launch. Register at 3pm if interested. Time allowed for open
mic readings will depend on how many people register. Come and join in the open mic section: read, recite, play a tune, or even
promote your book.

POSTED 9th Aug 2014
Lizard Skin Press 2 is finally here. I have booked a tentative launch date for Sunday September the 14th, mid afternoon, at The Coffee Pot, James Place, Adelaide. (The Rundle Mall end) I will confirm further details and provide a time and program shortly. This is the date that we'll hand out cheques to authors or have payment available to those who can't attend.
Also, if you want to receive your free copy pre launch (authors in anthology are eligible for this)  or you want to buy some pre launch copies - $20 a copy or $15 each for 4 or more - (absolutely everybody is eligible for this), you can pop into The Coffee Pot on Sunday 17th August. I will be there with a box of books, a change jar and enjoying a quiet beer from between 3.30pm and 5 ish pm. You can also contact me at [email protected] if you'd like details of how to obtain pre launch copies but cannot make it down Sunday week.
ps If anybody knows of businesses, authors, etc who would like to advertise in our next anthology (Lizard Skin Press 'Strange') please contact us. Our rates are on the advertise page of this website. The 'Strange' edition would suit authors of Sci Fi or 'unusual' stories or shops etc  that might fit unusual themes etc as the stories in this edition have one thing in common - they are pretty 'strange' and imaginitive. Oh, that's actually two things in common.
I will be in touch with Lizard Skin Press 'Strange' authors and also authors of Lizard Skin Press 4 to inform them of future plans for those editions.
Thanks for the ongoing contact from LSP 2 authors. I will be in touch with you shortly also.
Thanks again for your patience. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

POSTED 27th June 2014
We have a proof of LSP 2 and like the look of it. Final edits underway. We wiill get a final proof then announce a launch. Thankyou to all the writers. You  have shown the patience of saints, at least in your correspondence with us. We don't expect delays like this for the next two publications which are already in the pipe line and the stories have already been chosen for those and the writers notified. Thanks again and sorry for the delays. We will contact you soon.