Our supporters so far

Romonx Associated Artists -Canada (2015)

Natasha Scholey - Author (2015)

The Strathalbyn Players - (2015)

Margaret Storey - Artist, Author (2015)

Margo Poirier - Author (2015)

The Coffee Pot - Adelaide (2015)

Storyteller Press (2015)

Ivy D'Souza - author (2015)

The Strathalbyn Players (2014)

Paroxysm Press (2014)

Ivy D'Souza - Writer (2014)

Margaret Anne Storey - writer, artist (2014)

Soul Divas - Annie Collins (2012)

Future Communities - Ray Goldie (2012)

The South Australian Writers Centre (2012)

Friendly Street Poets (2012)

Mission Australia - Employment Solutions

Yes you can advertise with us

Authors advertisement - $55 half page

Regular advertisement - $70 half page/ $120 full page

Solidarity advertisement - $200 for full page.

(If you like that we are targeting and publishing diverse sectors of the community, including those groups that may be marginalised or disadvantaged, you can show your appreciation by placing a solidarity advertisement. You are welcome to enquire which sectors we have so far reached and even recommend we look into a group we may have so far overlooked.)

Each title will be placed in libraries as well as sold to the public.

If you are interested, please contact us at [email protected]